Locale Borghese

The Borghese legend was born in 1700 in Rome in a square in the city center. It tells of a beautiful and charming woman named Lucina who decided to devote herself to works of charity, taking care of the most needy and making her patrician house in Campo Marzio a place of welcome and listening. One day, a kind and rich gentleman of the Borghese family who had his alchemist’s shop right in Campo Marzio saw her, and fell madly in love with her. He began to court her, but in vain.

Months went by, but Lucina refused any invitation despite the elegance and education of the alchemist, who had no peace except seeing her walking through the streets in front of her club. So Mr. Borghese began to study and work tirelessly in search of a mysterious herb capable of making her fall in love until one lucky day he found the alchemical combination he was looking for and with the excuse of a good work he invited Lucina to her shop. The woman tasted the elixir of love and fell into the arms of the gentleman.

To this day Borghese continues to contain within itself that magical atmosphere of a place that has melted an enchantment and gave birth to a Love, and carefully guards, sharing them with you, the secrets to cure bad thoughts.

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